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Sentenced to Blindness –Now What?

By Morten Bonde

An incurable genetic eye disease gave a senior art director at the LEGO Group a new outlook on life ...

Senior art director Morten Bonde from the LEGO Group suffers from the genetic disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. The disease is causing him to slowly go blind, and right now his vision is so limited that he can only see what others would be able to see through a narrow tube. When Morten first found out his vision would disappear, he chose to ignore it. For years. Then he hit rock bottom when in 2016 he was declared legally blind. Morten has a busy family life and a good job at the LEGO Group, so instead of letting the disease control his life, he decided to see possibilities rather than limitations. This meant having to unlearn everything he thought he knew and instead learn new ways of seeing the world. It helped not only himself but his entire family, and now he is sharing his story/journey in a book.


When Morten Bonde acknowledged that his eye disease would turn life upside down, it came as a shock. Suddenly, he was facing a future of early retirement and a difficult life for both him and his family. But he was not about to give up. He realized he needed to think differently.


“If I can’t change going blind, I have to change my view of losing my sight. I was tired of feeling self-pity and suffering. I wanted to decide for myself whether something was good or bad. And I can. That is a powerful realization, and I’ve gathered several tools that have turned my way of looking at life upside down,” says Morten Bonde, who is publishing the book Sentenced to Blindness – Now What? to show others that there is an alternative to just giving up.

The book is a guide to transformation

Morten has spent four years writing his book. It offers a personal and powerful experience, which, of course, describes his own journey with a chronic illness, but he wants to achieve much more with it than just telling his own story.


"I’ve discovered that by changing small things and thought patterns in everyday life, I can bring about big changes, which create space for new opportunities—even in difficult situations. That’s why I’m sharing my story and the tools in my book, which I won’t hesitate to call a guide to transformation,” says Morten Bonde, who despite being almost blind, enjoys continued success in his job as senior art director at the LEGO Group.


Morten Bonde is publishing Sentenced to Blindness – Now What? through his own publishing house, Forlaget Vision, and in addition to being an art director, author and family man, he also gives lectures – both at the LEGO Group and privately – on how to handle difficult situations in life. Morten Bonde is happy to give interviews and can be contacted at or by telephone on +45 40 33 38 97. See more at, where you can find films and trailers about the book and his lecture.


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