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A Personal Account of Bullying

by Marie Hirse

Maria Hirse was born in December 1971 in Allerød in North Sealand, Denmark. She is a journalist, psychotherapist, lecturer, columnist, TV host and author.

The 13TH was first published in Danish in 2003. The book is about Maria Hirse’s experience of school, which was catastrophic to say the least. She was bullied to such a degree that at the age of 13 she tried to take her own life. The 13TH describes both her time at school and her upbringing, which was characterized by loneliness and sexual abuse.

Maria is responsible for introducing the “Anti-Bullying Act” in Denmark, and The 13TH is on the curriculum of many schools. The book is for anyone who is having difficulty in school and for parents and teachers working with children and young people.

Maria has participated in a wide range of beauty contests including Miss World and Miss Universe. She was twice Miss Denmark. She lived in Japan and Hong Kong for years, working as a model. From 1995 to 2001, she hosted the Danish Wheel of Fortune and from 2001 to 2004, Maria was a Captain on The Sixth Sense a very popular Danish lifestyle program. In 2006, she hosted the Danish Quiz Direct and she featured as an agony aunt in the Danish magazine, Ude of Hjemme.

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