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The Philosophy behind Folkvang Engelsk

Aware, calm, committed, communicative, content, creative, dependable, experienced, informed, imaginative, mindful, passionate, pensive, professional, reliable, stimulating, trustworthy, truthful and vibrant.

This is not an alphabetical list of random words; nor is it lip-service to ‘values’ – it is a list of all the things that I need to be while translating a document for a client.

As Folkvang Engelsk specialises in English language services for authors (fiction & non-fiction), the arts, academia, museums and cultural institutions and complementary therapists, it requires much more than skills in just Danish, English, translation and writing.

By the way – why Folkvang Engelsk? Well, I wanted 'English' or 'engelsk' in the name in some way because, obviously, I work into English and Folkvang came about, not just because of its association with Freya, Viking Goddess and that I happen to specialise in Viking related translations, but because of its wider modern meaning: Art for All. The "Folkwang Concept" was the brainchild of Karl Ernst Osthaus, who founded a museum for his cause. Today it is encapsulated by the Folkwang University for the Arts. Translation is part of that movement – making art that is writing accessible to all.

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