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The Woman behind Folkvang Engelsk

I’m a book nerd – do you know that empty feeling of finishing a book and wanting more? Well, that’s me.

I get engrossed and I usually have a few books ‘on the go’:

  • something new – currently David Hair, Lone Vitus and Maria Helleberg.

  • a classic – there’s a long list here – but I love The Forsyte Saga, The Woman in White and The Moonstone.

  • something easy – this is for when my brain can’t take in new plot twists and turns, but I still want to read, so I usually turn to Agatha Christie or Sue Townsend or J.K.

  • something historical – I’m a big fan of Pat Barker and James Clavell, but I can’t get enough of Susanne Clod Pedersen’s Arnulf series (and – yes – full disclosure, I did translate Arnulf).

  • something fantasy – apart from the obvious – Tolkien – I love the world created by Eoin Colfer in his Artemis Fowl series. The Valhalla series and Roald Dahl (check out some of his short stories such as “Skin”).

  • something non-fiction – I’ve just finished reading The Cretan Runner. I also love cooking, so I read a lot of cook books, too.

  • something professional – at the moment that’s Through the Language Glass?

  • And, of course, something Danish – Sofie Magus, Karen Blixen (I love Babette's Feast, Lene Kaaberbøl, Jussi Adler (though not before bed!) – and, I know he’s not Danish, but Jan Guillou’s Det Store Århundrede series.

… and I have a list of books that I want to read that is growing daily.

Oh, and on the practical side: I'm an academic (PhD) and archaeologist turned Danish to English translator, editor and tutor.

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