How many translators have you been to bed with?!

How many translators have you been to bed with?! A cheeky question you say? Not at all - have you ever looked at the (inside) cover to see who has translated your nighttime reading into a language you can read? For those of you who didn't know, today is International Translation Day (based on the fact that today is also the feast day of St Jerome, who translated the Bible into what we know as the Vulgate). So, Happy International Translation Day and think about who you're taking to bed ;)

"In Denmark we don't like losers."

“In Denmark we don’t like losers.” Has Danish writing turned its back on society? Does it lack political awareness? Is it brutal writing? Is it claustrophobic? Are Danish writers only writing for other writers? Hear ‪Dorthe Nors‬ on Danish writers. Do contemporary Danish writers reflect the identity of those living outside Copenhagen? And what do you think? Part of the BBC's Reading Europe Programme Just follow the link: Dorthe Nors is one of the most original voices of contemporary Danish letters. She was born in 1970 in Herning, Denmark and currently lives in Jutland. Nors holds a degree in literature and art history from the University of Aarhus. In addition to her c

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