The Philosophy behind Folkvang Engelsk

Aware, calm, committed, communicative, content, creative, dependable, experienced, informed, imaginative, mindful, passionate, pensive, professional, reliable, stimulating, trustworthy, truthful and vibrant. This is not an alphabetical list of random words; nor is it lip-service to ‘values’ – it is a list of all the things that I need to be while translating a document for a client. As Folkvang Engelsk specialises in English language services for authors (fiction & non-fiction), the arts, academia, museums and cultural institutions and complementary therapists, it requires much more than skills in just Danish, English, translation and writing. By the way – why Folkvang Engelsk? Well, I wante

The Woman behind Folkvang Engelsk

I’m a book nerd – do you know that empty feeling of finishing a book and wanting more? Well, that’s me. I get engrossed and I usually have a few books ‘on the go’: something new – currently David Hair, Lone Vitus and Maria Helleberg. a classic – there’s a long list here – but I love The Forsyte Saga, The Woman in White and The Moonstone. something easy – this is for when my brain can’t take in new plot twists and turns, but I still want to read, so I usually turn to Agatha Christie or Sue Townsend or J.K. something historical – I’m a big fan of Pat Barker and James Clavell, but I can’t get enough of Susanne Clod Pedersen’s Arnulf series (and – yes – full disclosure, I did translate Arnulf).

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